The 264 Cru

a Dubai based music, arts, and culture collective

Karak Heads

For far too long, outsiders have labeled Dubai as fake, shallow and lacking substance. While we may be surrounded by elements that tick these boxes, it does not represent the entire city and its desert dwellers.

The 264 Cru have taken it upon themselves to dispel such sentiments, by paying homage to the locals of Dubai - and who better to feature in this campaign than our very own karak heads!

All of them are from very different walks of life, bringing different cultures & experiences to the table, but are unified in their love for karak, shawarmas and regularly throwing down with The 264 Cru!

Via this campaign, we will showcase people that were hand picked by The 264 Cru (based on their answers to our questionnaires), their interests and their unique personalities, giving the wider community an insight into the 'real' Dubai - outside of the flashy, materialistic image it has in the world today. The objective of this campaign is simple : to bring the true core of Dubai to the forefront for all to see.

We hope you enjoy our first Karak Heads series - subscribe to our page to keep up to date and if you're interested in being part of the next one, come chat with The 264 Cru at any of our events.

Photography by Marianne Zammaria - Rockstar Photography