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Finlay LeFox

Finlay Lefox is a DJ from the UK, but now resides in Dubai. He has over 10 years experience playing at clubs and venues across England and previously ran nights with the Sous Sol Projet based in the Midlands.

His roots started back In 2005 playing at small venues around his local town of Leicester (UK). Playing anything from Drum and Bass to Dubstep and all electronic sounds in between. As Dubstep changed and grew he moved on to playing the House & Bass music that was coming out of the UK circa 2008, and has been playing bangers ever since.

Over the last two years he has played three major international festival stages at both Magnetic Fields Festival India, Horizons festival Bulgaria, most recently played a set at Dimensions festival along side fellow 264 member essarai and a guest mix on the London based Radar Radio .

On the side he writes freelance for Dubai’s HYPE magazine with his own monthly Dubai Beats Authority spread in which he interviews his choice of international and local DJs keeping the dubai heads informed with whats up.