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In addition to being self-described ’international trash’ (he’s half Italian-half Colombian, but raised in the Middle East), essarai also refers to himself as an ‘internet geek, panda enthusiast, Twitter grump, DJ, and all round awesome-super-cool dude' (ok maybe not that last one).

I like to keep people guessing when it comes to music, one of my main motivations is to see people get excited about music that they DON'T know. This doesn't mean I don't know how to pick tracks to please a crowd but I'd rather test them a little.  I love to go to the club and hear something that makes me freak out and want to know "what the hell is this!?". That same reaction is what I strive for with my own sets, whether it be dance music in a dark club, curating the soundscape for a brand activation, a sunset chill out session or even just hanging at home with friends.

I enjoy collecting records that would suit many different occasions and try to avoid being pigeonholed into a genre or scene by exploring all sorts of rhythms, textures, and sounds. One of my biggest pleasures is sharing musical experiences with people, and by that I mean more than just dancing to the same songs in the same club but rather, connecting because of it. Going record shopping with friends, making music with my peers, going back and forth with someone over youtube at an after party because you're constantly one-upping each other's selections... that's where the real connection over music takes place.