The 264 Cru

a Dubai based music, arts, and culture collective


Born and bred in Dubai with a short stint in the States, Rishabh Chadha aka C.O.B. (Close Of Business) has a wealth of music knowledge and experience under his belt - he is someone who is as content bleeding in a metal moshpit as he is attending a sophisticated orchestral or jazz performance, this guy is sort of like The 264 Cru's secret musical encyclopedia. 

Engineer by trait, suit by day and heathen by night, Rishabh has been in a long term relationship with drums and percussion, so watch out, because he might just break out into a one man drum circle in almost any situation. 
On the odd weekend, you may also find him on an escapade out in nature or traveling far and wide to attend various music festivals around the world. 
He has also recently been bitten by the vinyl bug, and is meticulously building his modest yet selectively eclectic record collection, in an effort to catch up with some of his music peers.

One of the non-DJs of the Cru, he is the self-appointed Chief Instigator of the group, where his job is to piss people off to ensure they get shit done;  "Move. the. chains".