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Born and raised in Tunis, studied in Paris and now based in Dubai, Aeli is a Neo Hip-Hop Producer and DJ. 

After releasing his first Rap album “Palimpsest” as a beatmaker where he invited US and French rappers such as Crash Ddz and Melo Mendes. He is now focusing on instrumental music and released a second project in January 2016 called “Late Future Calls” in digital format, CD and USB.

Aeli’s music is inspired by Future Beats and Trap sounds of artists from Soulection, Jakarta Records and Plug Research. His work is constantly evolving but stays influenced by composers such as Nine Inch Nails and The Mars Volta drawing on their cross-boundary, total-freedom approach while maintaining a unique sound.

Performing live is as important as studio producing in Aeli's approach, he has shared the stage with renowned artists such as Daedelus and Iamnobodi during Sole DXB. Playing live goes beyond DJing, Aeli uses his studio controllers and synthetisers when he performs. 

Starting to get noticed in the Middle East and North Africa, he was selected by Red Bull Music Academy to participate to the Bass Camp in February 2016. 

Music has always been in the producer’s path, he has started learning drums, guitar and piano since an early age, he performed as a guitarist at Fusion Festival in Germany with the Experimental Punk band The Ursula Minor. 

Being a full time Architect hasn't stopped Aeli to pursue his dreams, he was producing back in Paris with Tocquecity for rappers like La Rimogene, performing live in hype clubs like Mama Shelter and got the Urban Music Certificate from the SAE Institute Paris. Moving to Dubai opened new opportunities and allowed him to meet inspiring souls from the local and international music scene.

Aeli is currently working on improving his knowledge of the Tunisian spicy culture to forge his musical identity in order to make a tribute to his own roots and folklore. The learning process is endless when it’s about passion. 

“A project that aims to be complete with good music, successful teasing, a video even better and an online presence… A real musical maturity emerges from this first single. Good Hip-Hop drenched in Electro that puts his music in a modern context, framed along a Jazzy drum solo with enough violence taken from the Trap” Zoopolis on “Let You Know”

“Aeli is talented Hip-Hop producer that we want you to discover. You’ll notice he’s doing it right: Good sound, cool video and a website plus the new album “Late Future Calls” out on January 25th.” People’s Beats on “Let You Know”